Ledard dates from 1474 AD and has an intense history associated to the local area and beyond. It also continues to be a family working farm. Our demonstrations tell the story of this impressive historical venue, the farm and the family.


Ancient Weapons

Historical Presentation on the Farm – Highland weaponry and Agriculture

Visit the ancient farm and enjoy the history and weapons Join us for a historical journey going back to 1474AD where a family member conducts an animated presentation of the ancient farm buildings which have documented connections with Rob Roy, Clan Gregor, Sir Walter Scott the Jacobites and much more.

In MacGregor's Barn we will introduce you to the weapons of the Jacobite Clans - the Claymore, the Broadsword, the Dirk, the fearsome Lochaber Axe, and the Doune pistol. We will tell you the story of the Battle of Killiecrankie at which Rob Roy fought in July 1689. Also included is a Highland dress kilt demonstration with a dram of whisky or liqueur alternative, tea / coffee also included, and a tour of the working farm.

Quack Commandos

The Quack Commandos – Sheep dogs and Ducks

Our sheepdog display features the skill of the Border Collie working with a small flock of Indian Runner ducks. The ducks are shepherded through our commando course of obstacles including the bridge, the Tunnel of Love, and the Death Slide where a Scottish fresh-water crocodile awaits them in the pool below the slide. We do invite a team of six from the audience to see if they can do better than our collie as herders -you can guess the outcome! To find out more visit: www.quackcommandos.co.uk This show can be done at the farm or off-site.

Easy to follow demonstrations that can be presented anywhere as part of an event.